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Yan Giguère
From September 12th 2009 to October 17th 2009

Yan Giguère pursues his investigation of the everyday. His intuitive practice resembles a filmic composition that unfolds in the exhibition space as images interconnect to form a series of poetic and formal associations. A developing narrative is suggested by the presented environments, their deployment in separate production cycles, and the interplay of genres—mainly landscape and portraiture. Picking up where the previous series had left off, the figure of his beloved now leads us into a garden.

The photographer focuses on plants, on their suggestive power, on particular tropisms, especially those caused by light. This characteristic of plants to react to light and shadow recalls aspects of the medium of photography: effects of exposure, reactions to a light source. Their presence, like cranes reaching up into the sky, teaches us something about the structure of the process.

One notices an ascending movement in the choice of motifs and their distribution, and a progression in the arrangement of the exhibition area given the attributes of each photograph. A slew of associations emerges from the proximity of the images, like that of the magnificent white brugmansia (Trompette des anges) and a sun-shaped monstrance (the Blessed Sacrament), religious iconography that lives on in popular culture. This image, like others he has taken throughout the Quebec countryside, are documentary in nature, and Giguère likes to conjure them as signs of cultural origin and identity.

This series preserves a degree of intimacy. Layered into it are themes of the Garden of Eden, Genesis (the apple), and the temptations of artificial paradise (psychoactive properties of some plants). One has the impression of journeying through underbrush, where plants guide us in a universe that leaves traces on the photosensitive film surface. Several images also suggest the idea of foundation—a clump of struts holding up a parking area—, germination, or growth, more metaphors of the creative process, of which views of the workshop and of the beloved painter are essential components in Giguère’s work.
- Marie-Josée Lafortune

Nicolas Mavrikakis's review on Yan Giguère's «Attractions» is available online, («Tropismes», Voir, October 1rst, 2009) as well as an excerpt of the interview between the artist and Sylvain Campeau («Gravity et Tropism», CV87, Winter 2011).

Yan Giguère will be at the gallery on Saturday, September 26th (12pm-5pm) for Journées de la culture 2009.

For the 13th edition of the Journées de la culture, Yan Giguère («Attractions», photography) and Sophie Bélair Clément («Le son du projecteur», conceptual art/sound installation) will be at the gallery this Saturday, September 26th : a meet-and-greet with the artists, a guided exhibition of their works and a discussion about their respective practices will take place. Admission is free. See you there!

Journées de la culture

The artist thanks the Canada Council for the Arts, le Centre Clark, l’Atelier Clark, le Centre Vu, Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Rodrigue Bélanger, Peter King, Louis Lussier and Mobile Home.

Born in Disraeli, Yan Giguère completed his studies in photography at Concordia University in 1996. His work has been shown in many artist centres and he has taken part in several group events and exhibitions. One can find his work in both private and museum collections.

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