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Intern Wanted: OPTICA Archives and indexing publications - Fall-Winter

Intern Wanted: Cultural Mediation - Fall-Winter

A review of Celia Perrin Sidarous's solo exhibition in the 2018 Fall Cmagazine

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Gallery 1
Sandra Brewster
from February 16th 2021 to April 3rd 2021
Works from series:

Walk on by

*IMPORTANT NOTICE*We are pleased to announce that OPTICA has reopened its gallery work! The exhibition will open to the public on Tuesday February 16.
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Gallery 2
Sandra Brewster, Nalini Mohabir, Opuscule et entretien vidéo | Sandra Brewster, Nalini Mohabir, Opuscule and Video discussion
from December 2nd 2020 to February 13th 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandra Brewster’s exhibition will be confined until further notice.

But as we cannot present the works in the gallery, OPTICA is launching a new publishing format in the form of a mini-catalogue, both in print and digitally, comprising an exhibition text, a selection of images, a biography, a selective bibliography, and a gallery layout. We would hereby like to share a digital version of the brochure documenting Sandra Brewster’s exhibition titled Works from series: Smith, Blur, Video: Walk on by, including a text by author Nalini Mohabir, assistant professor in postcolonial geographies at Concordia University.
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Laura Acosta et Santiago Tavera
from April 17th 2021 to June 12th 2021
The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 4): Camouflaged Screams

With The Novels of Elsgüer, the Columbian-Canadian duo Laura Acosta and Santiago Tavera have elaborated a set of transdisciplinary installations that explore notions of representation, identity, and belonging through the creation of interactive and immersive digital environments, born by a non-linear storytelling, experimental soundscapes, textile sculpture, and performance. Each installation refers to an episode. The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 4): Camouflaged Screams further develops the idea of embodied landscapes: the body as both an organic and a virtual site that has the capacity to influence and to create other environments. Participants are invited to actively engage, opening up a new space of dialogue on ideas about presence, adaptation, and agency.
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Activité inspirée de la pratique de Sandra Brewster | Activity inspired by Sandra Brewster practice
from January 1st 2021 to May 1st 2021
Currently, mediation: Digital Educational Toolkit for school groups

Due to the health crisis that is significantly reducing youth’ access to art and culture, OPTICA has developed a digital educational toolkit for school groups. The kit provides an opportunity to discover the practice of the artist Sandra Brewster whose work is currently confined at OPTICA. It also allows for students to be introduced to contemporary art and to learn more about artist-run centres in general.
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Contemporary Art, Feminist Theories

Optica, Montreal, 2019.
160 p., 15,8 x 23,18 cm.
ISBN 978-2-922085-15-0
Texts in French and English
35$ or 42.74$ shipping included