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OPTICA participates in the Nuit Blanche - March 3, 2018

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Gallery 2
Bertille Bak
Lisa Jackson
Yoshua Okón
Helen Reed
May Truong
Commissaire | Curator: Zoë Chan

from January 20th 2018 to March 17th 2018
Performing Lives

Opening, Saturday, January 20,_3 PM to 6 PM
Guided tour by Zoë Chan, 3:30 PM

Featuring recent video works by a selection of Canadian and international artists, Performing Lives explores—and bridges—the supposed gap between documentary and entertainment, information and spectacle, fact and fiction. Making references to and borrowing methods from TV, film, theatre, dance, and music, these videos represent various groups using strategies that venture beyond the expository approach characteristically associated with documentary cinema.
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Gallery 2
Lisa Jackson
from March 14th 2018 to March 14th 2018
Around Performative Lives exhibition: visit of Lisa Jackson!

In conjunction with the exhibition Performative Lives, Lisa Jackson will be in Montreal to give a masterclass and present her work to film students at Concordia. The artist will be present at OPTICA Wednesday, March 14th, from 1pm to 3pm. This meeting offers a context favorable to the exchanges on the artistic practice of the artist. Welcome everyone!
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Raymonde April, Jessica Auer, Jacques Bellavance, Velibor Božović, Gwynne Fulton, Katie Jung, Jinyoung Kim, Lise Latreille, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Marie-Christine Simard, Bogdan Stoica, Andrea Szilasi, Chih-Chien Wang
from April 14th 2018 to June 16th 2018

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