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Intern Wanted: OPTICA Archives and indexing publications - Fall-Winter

Intern Wanted: Cultural Mediation - Fall-Winter

A review of Celia Perrin Sidarous's solo exhibition in the 2018 Fall Cmagazine

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Gallery 1

from September 7th 2021 to May 31st 2022
Intersections - Research residency, creation and production_deadline: April 25, 2021 (Call in French only)

Nouveau partenariat entre le Conseil des arts de Montréal, l’École des arts visuels et médiatiques (ÉAVM) et OPTICA, centre d’art contemporain
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Laura Acosta et Santiago Tavera
from April 17th 2021 to June 12th 2021
The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 4): Camouflaged Screams

Public Talk Between Laura Acosta, Santiago Tavera and Shauna Janssen
Web Live Streaming
Friday April, 23 6PM

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Charlotte Clermont
from April 17th 2021 to July 12th 2021

With a background in experimental film, Charlotte Clermont creates a dialogue between video and audio explorations to examine our perceptions of the real. The performative aspect of her practice, moved by a desire to transpose the illusiveness of lived moments, is embodied in her singular way of working with analogue recording devices. Using materials from her immediate environment, she works upon the chemical sensitivity of film through various alterations, while leaving a large place to chance. Her works testify to an intimate relationship with the materiality of the medium. Imbued with a sensuality and eroticism, they reveal a dissension among polarities by inscribing themselves in the interval between the accessible and inaccessible. These tensions arouse fantastical projections of the imminent, deployed on the porous boundary of the real, the proposed fragmentary combinations serving as points of entry into a precise spacetime that allows one to observe the fragility of ephemeral sensations. Woven of autofictional fragments, they draw on an intimate memory, mingling dreams and memories and de/sanctifying reminiscences. Clermont’s approach also borrows from musical codes, using rhythmical structures and leitmotifs to assemble textures and chromatic bursts that create a narrativity and semiology of the image. Her work generally develops an inherent, autonomous, and symbolically encoded metalanguage.
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Cynthia Girard-Renard
from March 25th 2021 to April 15th 2021
Artist at school with Cynthia Girard-Renard

This spring 2021, during the months of March and April, two groups of grade 4 students from Saint-Arsène Elementary School (Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie) will participate in a series of creative workshops with artist Cynthia Girard-Renard. Over the course of the project, the students will be introduced to the artist’s practice and together they will undertake a series of drawing, painting and poetry exercises in order to collectively produce book-zines about different animals of Quebec.
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Leila Zelli, Jim Holyoak
from March 13th 2021 to March 13th 2021
Nuit blanche à Montréal 2021 at OPTICA with Leila Zelli, Jim Holyoak

As part of Nuit blanche à Montréal 2021, OPTICA invites the general public of all ages to join us for a virtual and creative two-part workshop directed by artists Leila Zelli and Jim Holyoak. Come discover the art practices of these two contemporary artists who will guide you through a series of playful and whimsical drawing exercises (Holyoak) and introduce you to simple animation methods (Zelli).
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Contemporary Art, Feminist Theories

Optica, Montreal, 2019.
160 p., 15,8 x 23,18 cm.
ISBN 978-2-922085-15-0
Texts in French and English
35$ or 42.74$ shipping included