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aaaa Intern Wanted: OPTICA Archives and indexing publications - Fall-Winter

Intern Wanted: Cultural Mediation - Fall-Winter

A review of Celia Perrin Sidarous's solo exhibition in the 2018 Fall Cmagazine

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Gallery 1
Patrick Henry, Kapwani Kiwanga, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Eve Tagny Commisssaire/Curator: Ella den Elzen

from March 2nd 2024 to March 2nd 2024
Nuit blanche 2024: Clay and dried flower printing workshop at OPTICA

On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche 2023, OPTICA is inviting the general public to a night of experimentation and artistic discovery on the theme of plants. Inspired by the current exhibition Undoing Earthwriting, come and enjoy a clay workshop, learn how to print dried plants and create a delicate key ring. Hot beverages and cookies will be provided. Places are limited!
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Gallery 2
Patrick Henry, Kapwani Kiwanga, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Eve Tagny
Commisssaire/Curator: Ella den Elzen

from January 20th 2024 to March 23rd 2024
Undoing Earthwriting

Opening: January 20 2024 4PM - 6 PM
In the presence of Ella den Elzen, Patrick Henry, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Eve Tagny
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Appel à projets - Programmation / Programming 2026-2027
Call for Proposals
Concours ouvert du 1er mars jusqu'au 19 avril 2024, 11:59 PM, HAE, Heure avancée de l’Est (Québec)
Open from March 1st until April 19th, 2024, 11:59 PM, EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (Québec)

from March 1st 2024 to April 19th 2024
Open call 2024

Every year, OPTICA presents a varied program of exhibitions, symposia, and artists’ talks, while investing in curated exhibitions on themes developed at the centre. These activities all propose a critical reflection on current issues in art, sustained and accompanied by the production of relevant publications.
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Santiago Tavera et Laura Acosta
from April 13th 2024 to June 15th 2024
The Novels of Elsgüer Interactive Documentary

Laura Acosta and Santiago Tavera are a Colombian-Canadian artistic duo based in Montréal. Their collaborative practice forges an intersection between Tavera’s investigation of video practices, along with virtual and interactive environments in relation to the body, with Acosta’s exploration of identity through performance and textiles. Since 2017, Tavera and Acosta have created a series of five immersive and interactive large scale installations which are referred to as episodes under the umbrella title The Novels of Elsgüer. Through different explorations with video, virtual reality, data visualization techniques, interactive audio-visual setups, lighting installations and sculptural elements in combination with performance, textiles, and non-linear narratives, each episode within the series submerges the audience inside surreal ecosystems that deconstruct the colonialist relationship between body and space. Through these immersive scenographies and expanded performances the lines between viewer and performer are blurred, and the notions of transformation, adaptation and fluidity become anchors of empowerment.
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Maria Hoyos
from November 1st 2023 to April 1st 2024
Recipient of the Intersections Residency!

The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM), contemporary art centre OPTICA, and UQAM’s École des arts visuels et médiatiques (ÉAVM) are very pleased to announce that Maria Hoyos is the recipient of the Research, Creation, and Production Intersections Residency, first edition 2023-2024.
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from November 1st 2023 to June 1st 2024
Public Education Program | Winter - Spring 2023-24

OPTICA’s public education program proposes various creative workshops and interactive tours for audiences of all ages, from 4 and up. Daycare centres, public and private, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, retirement homes and community organizations can all participate in our activities. These ones place in an atmosphere conducive to discussion and reflection, in order to learn more about current creative production.
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Patrick Henry, Kapwani Kiwanga, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Eve Tagny
from January 20th 2024 to March 20th 2024
Undoing Earthwriting / Educational

A Major New Season for the Educational Program

To coincide with exhibition Undoing Earthwriting, the educational program will be offering a considerable number of interactive tours and creative workshops for a variety of audiences over the coming weeks. Whether as part of Contemporary Laboratories, school activities or guided tours for college and university groups, the center will be very busy, allowing for group discussions, in-gallery writing workshops and creative workshops involving the use of plant and organic materials. OPTICA is also continuing for a second year its partnership with the Centre de services scolaires Marie-Victorin (CSSMV), to offer high school classes on the South Shore artistic activities and adapted support tools as part of the Voix Migrantes project.
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from April 1st 2022 to January 1st 2024

Founded in 1972, OPTICA has sought to promote Canadian contemporary art and to raise awareness among diverse audiences about the issues underlying the discourses and practices in the visual arts through a varied program of exhibitions and critical and educational activities. The centre celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
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Contemporary Art, Feminist Theories

Optica, Montreal, 2019.
160 p., 15,8 x 23,18 cm.
ISBN 978-2-922085-15-0
Texts in French and English
35$ or 42.74$ shipping included