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Ewing Visual Arts Research and Residency Program

William A. Ewing Visual Arts Research and Residency Program aims to encourage creative, interpretative, and written work based on the contemporary art represented in the OPTICA Archives. A grant of $25,000 CAD will be awarded through a competition run under OPTICA’s auspices. This program includes an educational component designed for young artists and general audiences.

Made available to grant winners are the services of qualified staff, attached either to the centre or to partner organizations, including Concordia University Archives, repository of OPTICA’s archives, the Optica Art Gallery Fonds. Recipients will make their findings public in talks given to a university student clientèle, and such presentations will be published in OPTICA’s “Voix contemporaines / Contemporary Voices” series.

The creation of the program was announced in 2007 as part of the centre’s 35th anniversary celebrations, highlighted by a benefit concert given by Pierre Lapointe at the Monument National.

Résidence de recherche jeune création, Montreal – Valence (France)

OPTICA (Montreal) and art3 (Valence) initiated a combined residency and grant program for young artists. The host organizations’ primary function is to serve as mediator for artists working in new environments, setting up meetings with professionals and organizing public presentations. At the end of the three-month residency, the grant recipient makes his or her work public and a publication is co-produced by OPTICA and art3 the following year.

- being an artist and living in Quebec
- being less than 40 years old
- submitting a proposal including :

- 10 digital images (1Mo/ each image) of recent work
- an up-to-date CV
- a description of the project for the residency (3000 characters)
- Possibility to include youtube or vimeo links for your videos

DEADLINE: The call for proposals is over.

FORM Instructions :
Type of application, please select ARTIST*.
Type of proposal, please select RESIDENCE.
Fill in all required fields.
Once you click "SEND", it is not possible to make changes or correct your application.

*For this specific call, duo of artists or curators are not eligible. Take also note that no project received by mail or email will be accepted.

Selection Process
OPTICA receives the submissions from the Quebec artists. Candidates are then evaluated by art3, in Montreal.

Stay in Valence, France
For the selected candidate, the length of stay and the terms of the exchange are defined by contractual agreement between the two centres. art3 provides the artist in residence with a studio. The artist must pay transportation costs as well as communications and living expenses.

The next residency in Montreal is planned for spring 2014 and the one in Valence for fall 2014.

David Dupont (Grenoble) - link currently available in French only
Residency in Montreal – August and September 2006, January 2007

Diane Morin (Montreal) - link currently available in French only
Residency in Valence – September through December 2007

Anne-Lise Seusse (Lyon)
Residency in Montreal – September through November 2009

Olivia Boudreau (Montreal)
Residency in Valence – October through December 2010

Laurent Pernel (Lyon)
Residency in Montreal – October through December 2011

Mathieu Latulippe (Montréal)
Residency in Valence – October 1st through December 31, 2012

Gaëlle Choisne (Lyon)
Residency in Montreal - March 9 through May 31, 2014

Edith Brunette (Montréal)
Residency in Valence – October through December 2014

© art3 (Valence), April 2009. (Photo : Marie-Josée Lafortune)

This residency program is supported by the gouvernement du Québec (ministère des Relations internationales du Québec, Direction France dans le cadre de la 62e session de la Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise) and by Région Rhône-Alpes.